Socionomic Topics

Social mood shapes all collective social activities. Here is a partial list of topics directly influenced by social mood that have been written about from a socionomic perspective.

Social Issues:
Presidential elections, political polarization, war and peace, national birthrates, feminism, environmentalism, drug legalization, higher education, murder rates, serial killings, social media, social unrest, science, nuclear weapons testing, immigration, finance, disease epidemics, housing, regulation and censorship, government entitlements, international relations, cyberspace threats, trade barriers and tariffs, secession, nationalism, formal apologies by nations and religions, authoritarianism, height of skyscrapers, Federal Reserve mood, monetary and fiscal policy

Popular Culture:
Movies, television, music, art, literature, fashion, celebrity, scandals, fitness trends, self-help, individual and  cultural narcissism, superstardom, baseball, football, basketball, golf, mixed martial arts, car design and colors, beverage trends

Academic Fields:
History, psychology, biology, political science, sociology, economics, evolutionary theory, linguistics, intellectual trends